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Slanted Bar Glasses from Glassblower Ben

by Joseph
Slanted Bar Glasses

Slanted Bar Glasses

The quest for ever more outlandish novelty bar glasses continues courtesy of Glassblower Ben, which recently unveiled its line of Slanted Bar Glasses, which are titled at a 45-degree angle for a one of a kind visual effect that might just make you feel drunker than you actually are.

Provided you don’t pour more than six ounces of liquid into any one of your Slanted Bar Glasses, they’re supposed to remain upright .- no matter how far from upright the user becomes. Once you go over six ounces, you’re on your own, which I suppose could add a somewhat dangerous thrill to your home bar drinking routine.

In any case, you better be getting something other than alcohol out of Slanted Bar Glasses, because they’re priced at $120 per pair at the Glassblower Ben online store here, where you can get a lot more information on the glasses before you place your order.

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