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Skybuds Wireless Earbuds Connect to Included Smartphone Case

by Joseph


If the biggest obstacle between wireless earbuds and the public’s embrace of them is everyone’s ability to imagine them getting lost extremely easily, the people behind Skybuds may have finally cracked it. These wireless earbuds come with a special phone case that the buds connect to for charging, essentially meaning you’ll never have any reason to lose them (in addition to its obvious other benefits).

The Skybuds can run for between three and four hours of continuous usage before you’ll have to charge them up, but your best bet is probably to hook them into their chargers whenever you’re not using them. When you are using them, though, you’ll be getting top-level sound quality.

Skybuds are well on their way to becoming a mass-produced reality on its Kickstarter page right here, where you can pre-order your whole package (which includes the earbuds, the case, and an extra phone battery) starting at $220.

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