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Skyacht One: Luxury of the Seas, Airborne

by Joseph
Skyacht One

A luxury yacht from 1939 is the primary point of inspiration for a new private jet that has to rank among the most luxurious in the skies. It’s the Skyacht One, an opulent re-working of the Embraer Flagship Lineage 1000E with an eye towards a bygone era of comfort and excess.

Despite its nautical inspiration, the Skyacht One is short on tacky seaside imagery, instead making an impression of classy, modern comfort in its interior. The windows have been replaced with “SkyPorts,” however, and 21st-century touches include interior smart lighting that automatically adjusts to complement the view therefrom.

You can check out a handful of pictures of the Skyacht One in the gallery below. More information can be had at Sotto’s official site for the plane right here, where it will only cost you a clean $83 million. Why not splurge on something nice for yourself for once?

Here’s the gallery:

Skyacht OneSkyacht OneSkyacht OneSkyacht One

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