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“Sky Pool” Stretching Across Buildings Ten Stories Up Coming Soon

by Joseph
Sky Pool

Sky Pool

Imagine this: A transparent glass swimming pool stretching 90 feet across two buildings, ten stories up. Architects in previous eras may have thought such a thing impossible, but plans for just such a “sky pool” have been approved for Nine Elms, a ritzy district of London.

The sky pool will be constructed from glass only eight inches thick, and will be intended for private residents of the two apartment buildings connected by the pool (you can see how it will look in the concept art above). The project was dreamed up by Sean Mulryan, founder of the Ballymore development firm, who had this to say about the pool:

“We set out to create places and spaces that are more than just bricks and mortar. The pool is testimony to this philosophy and gives the development a unique character.”

Even if you probably don’t have a prayer of ever swimming in this sky pool, you might be interested to know that the apartments are scheduled to go up for sale next month. For now, you can read a little bit more about the project right here.

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