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Skull Zippo Lighter From Nati Amor

by Joseph
Skull Zippo Lighter

Skull Zippo Lighter

If you’re looking for a way to light cigarettes that would make you look right at home in Scorpio Rising, Tel Aviv jeweler Nati Amor has just the thing. It’s the Skull Zippo Lighter, which places a 3-D death’s head symbol right in the middle of America’s favorite lighter.

The Skull Zippo Lighter is in keeping with Amor’s signature aesthetic, which involves a lot of (you guessed it) skulls.  One might say he’s the preeminent lover of skulls outside of maybe Tim Burton and Negaduck. Beyond the skull, it works just like a Zippo lighter should, but there is one important caveat that separates it from the Zippo bread and butter.

That would be the price tag, which at the Cool Material online store here is hovering under the $190 mark (but it’s part of a sale that will more than likely be over by the time you read this – it normally goes for $210). If you like skulls and lighters enough, it might be worth it.

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