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Skull Umbrella From Alexander McQueen

by Joseph
Skull Umbrella

Skull Umbrella

Portlandia goth meets Negaduck in a new umbrella from Alexander McQueen that will keep both the rain and the sun’s rays off of you in equal measure. It’s the Skull Umbrella, made in conjunction with the 3D printing company VOJD Studios, and which reportedly happens to be the first 3D-printed accessory released by a major luxury fashion label.

The Skull Umbrella doesn’t have any special features or functional attributes that set it apart.  It’s just a standard (albeit stylish) black umbrella with a silver tone brass handle, the butt of which is ergonomically shaped—and, if I may say, vaguely skull-shaped. The “skull” of the name, though, comes in the form of the fabric on the umbrella, bearing the McQueen trademark “Skull” pattern familiar to fans of the brand.

It’s unfortunately sold out from the official Alexander McQueen online store, but you can get the Alexander McQueen Skull Umbrella at participating retailers like this one, where it’s priced at a ghoulish $595.

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