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Skull Microphone: Microphones That Look Like Skulls

by Joseph
Skull Microphone

Skull Microphone

What will Rush Limbaugh’s microphone look like once he’s in Hell? I have no idea, but it’s the image that first popped into my mind when I saw Skull Microphone, a new line of mics from Von Erickson Laboratories that gives you the opportunity to speak into your own shiny metal Terminator-style skull, and to have your voice amplified to boot.

Skull Microphone currently offers three varieties of skull mics for you to record the most metal podcast in the known universe with. Those three varieties are Bright Chrome, Dark Chrome, and Satin Gun Metal, and you can buy a carrying case too for $60. If Negaduck were going to start his own podcast, this would clearly be the microphone he would want to use.

Meanwhile, the three Skull Microphone products go for $375 each, and you can order yours at the brand’s official site right here, where there appears to be a wealth of Skull Microphone-related bonus content as well.

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