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Skull Bottle Opener: For Cervezas de los Muertos (Photos)

by Joseph
Skull Bottle Opener

It’s a basic fact of society that some dudes just like skulls. It might seem creepy or morbid at first, but consider this: We all have skulls, so why not celebrate it? Even if you don’t buy that logic enough to cover your house in skull-related knick knacks, you might still be interested in this cool Skull Bottle Opener.

The Skull Bottle Opener is hand-cast out of bronze (no bones to be found, thank goodness), and is designed so that all of your bottled beers and sodas can be opened with the teeth of a tiny skeleton man. The handle attaches the actual opening mechanism to another skull, so symmetry is maintained – and you know what they say, two heads are better than one.

The Cool Material shop has the Skull Bottle Opener now for the price of $44, and you can check it out right here. Or, for a lot less money, you can just look at a couple of photos of the product in the gallery below.


Skull Bottle OpenerSkull Bottle Opener


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