Home Entertainment Skittles Super Bowl Ad Will Be Seen by Only One Person (Video)

Skittles Super Bowl Ad Will Be Seen by Only One Person (Video)

by Joseph
Skittles Super Bowl Ad

Skittles Super Bowl Ad

Despite mountains of media hype to the contrary, I think the whole Super Bowl commercial fervor has been pretty played out for quite a few years now. An inspired mind at Skittles HQ must have realized this, because the brand has decided to do something pretty radical in the field of advertising: Create a “real, multimillion-dollar” Skittles Super Bowl ad that only one person in the entire world will ever be able to see.

The new 2018 Skittles Super Bowl ad will reportedly be a polished, professional production, featuring an appearance from at least one famous celebrity. But only 17-year-old Marcos Menendez of Canoga Park, CA will be able to see it – the national audience at home will instead get to watch Marcos watch the commercial. Maybe it would be better if I just let a reputable newscaster explain the whole thing instead:


Keep an eye on the whole Skittles Super Bowl ad saga at the Skittles Facebook page right here.

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