Home Entertainment ‘Skate Rock: Mexico’ Shows a Seemingly Impossible Skate Park (Video)

‘Skate Rock: Mexico’ Shows a Seemingly Impossible Skate Park (Video)

by Joseph
Skate Rock: Mexico

Skate Rock: Mexico

A new short skate video from Thrasher demonstrates what a skate park that should only be explored by highly skilled skaters would look like. It’s Skate Rock: Mexico, which also gives you a broad clue regarding where this somehow real impossible skate park is located.

The skate park featured in Skate Rock: Mexico is billed by Thrasher as containing “some of the craziest concrete creations on the planet,” and the video really and truly bears this out. And if you enjoyed the video, good news: It’s billed as “Part 1,” so there is presumably more footage to follow shortly.

For now, you can watch the first episode of Skate Rock: Mexico from Thrasher magazine below, if you’ve got a little over four minutes to spare. And for more skate-related video content from Thrasher, including additional installments of Skate Rock: Mexico, stay tuned to the magazine’s official YouTube channel right here.

Here’s the video:

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