Home Entertainment ‘Skate Near Death’: Harrowing Skate Video From Roma Alimov (Video)

‘Skate Near Death’: Harrowing Skate Video From Roma Alimov (Video)

by Joseph
Skate Near Death

Skate Near Death

The era of death-defying stunts for our entertainment is usually thought of as the product of a less cautious time, but there are still a few modern-day Harold Lloyds and Jackie Chans out there carrying the torch for amusing other people to death. One of them is Russian skater Roma Alimov, who recently released a harrowing skate video (or “skate-poem”) called Skate Near Death.

Skate Near Death‘s title isn’t some metaphor or riddle, but a pretty apt description of the stunts Alimov pulls off over the course of the video. He grinds on rails without anything between a minor slip and gravity, plays chicken with a subway train, and eventually gets shot by a cop (which I trust is fictional, and probably some kind of political statement or something).

You can check out Skate Near Death for yourself below. And SALTY pictures’ Vimeo account can be found right here.

Here’s the video:

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