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Sizzl: Oscar Mayer Dating App for Fellow Bacon Lovers

by Joseph


Well friends, it’s finally happened: Oscar Mayer has developed a dating app. Well, “dating” might be too strong a word for what users are likely to do with fellow bacon lovers met through Sizzl, an app that matches users with other users based almost exclusively on compatible bacon preferences.

Those bacon preferences include general factors like crispiness and the like, and social things like what they’d do with the last piece of bacon on a date. The Sizzl app gets its name from its “swipe left/swipe right” equivalent, which involves holding down a sizzle button longer the more you like the person on the other end. The whole thing is enough to turn a person off of bacon and dating altogether.

Still might be worth a try, though, so you can get Sizzl free from the iTunes Store right here. If it sounds outlandish, just keep in mind that throughout civilization marriages have been built on far less than mutual love of bacon.

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