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SIXOVERONE: “The Six Pack Bottle Opener”

by Joseph


Hopefully for your own sake your kitchen is stocked with plenty of functional devices, so you can be prepared for whatever eventualities may occur there. But how many of that kitchen gear can double as a party trick? SIXOVERONE is a new “six pack bottle opener” that does just that, provided you like to party with easily amused people.

SIXOVERONE is a bottle opener that you can use to decapitate six soldiers at once, in one fluid motion that, for now anyway, before the novelty wears off, looks pretty darn cool. I can even see it becoming an addiction in its own right – maybe try it out on some mineral water too, just to be on the safe side.

For now, you can check out the SIXOVERONE Kickstarter listing here, where pre-orders on the device start at $22. It’s got less than a month left to raise more than 18 grand, so maybe the crowdfunding public isn’t as easily amused as I would have guessed.

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