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Six Mile Pencil Measures Your Drawing In Miles (Photos)

by Joseph
The Six Mile Pencil

When you become prolific in any creative field, it becomes natural to be obsessed by questions of quantity. A writer might wonder how many words he’s written in a year, or a painter might think in terms of gallons of paint or number of brushstrokes. For an artist who works in pencil, one way to quantify your work might be to think in miles of lead on paper, and the new Six Mile Pencil can give you a definite count of that seemingly impossible figure.

The Six Mile Pencil has marks on the side that show you roughly how many miles of graphite you’ve put down on paper as the pencil is worn down. It’s a cool idea, and many sketch artists who use the pencil might be surprised by how many miles they rack up over the course of a couple months.

Luckily, the Six Mile Pencil comes in packs of four from the product’s Kickstarter page here. And unlike many of the fundraising projects written about on this site, this one still has a ways to go before its fundraising goal is reached, so throw them a few bucks if you want a Six Mile Pencil of your own.

Here are a few photos of the Six Mile Pencil to give you an idea of how it works:

The Six Mile PencilThe Six Mile PencilThe Six Mile PencilThe Six Mile Pencil

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