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Siva Atom: Convert Biking Into Energy for Devices

by Joseph
Siva Atom

Siva Atom

If you’re a habitual bicyclist, it’s possible you’ve never considered all the energy your peddling generates as you go from place to place—if only you were able to harness it effectively. Now, you can, thanks to the Siva Atom, a charger by Siva Cycle that converts the spinning of your bike wheel into power for your mobile devices.

The Siva Atom can plug directly into any USB-compatible device, and can charge almost anything else by way of a removable 1650mAh battery. It was designed to be easy to install as well as weather-resistant, so you can hook it up and (with apologies to Lance Armstrong) start juicing almost immediately.

Nobody said it was going to be cheap, though. The Siva Atom is currently priced at just under $130 at the product’s Amazon listing right here, where you can place your order now or just get some more information on how it works. One thing’s for sure: If you’re biking without it, you’re basically just wasting electricity.

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