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‘Sisyphus’: Machine Creates Patterns in Sand With Magnets (Video)

by Joseph


Artist Bruce Shapiro has taken a process normally reserved for industrial purposes and used it to make a work of art. The process is called “Motion Control,” technology involving the computerized control of movement, and the work of art is known as Sisyphus, a kind of table-shaped platform with a layer of sand manipulated into various different visual designs.

Sisyphus works using powerful magnets to pull small metal balls underneath the sand, in order to form the piece’s various geometric patterns. It’s fascinating to look at, even more so in a time-lapse video that shows 12 hours of the machine’s progress in under a minute and thirty seconds.

To see that video, just drag your eyeballs to the space underneath these words. And for more Sisyphus time-lapse videos as well as other stuff from Bruce Shapiro, take a look at the artist’s official account on Vimeo right here.

Here’s the video:


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