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SipaBoard: “Jet-Propelled, Self-Inflating, Smart Paddleboard”

by Joseph


The paddleboard has always carried with it a connotation of rugged outdoorsmanship and separation from modern conveniences, but now you can go paddle boarding with the aid of your wireless devices. It’s theĀ SipaBoard, a “jet-propelled, self-inflating, smart paddleboard” now in the very tail-end of its fundraising phase on Kickstarter.

The SipaBoard’s jet propulsion system not only propels the board up to 3.5 knots faster than you’re paddling it, but it can also inflate the board in just six minutes. The “smart” component comes in the form of Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility, which lets you control the board with your smartphone or smartwatch, but it’s really a redundancy thanks to the wireless controller that’s built into the paddle.

You only have a scant six days as of this writing to contribute to the SipaBoard Kickstarter page here, where you can get some more information on the board and get one starting at around $1400.

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