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Singtrix: A Solution to Bad Karaoke (Video)

by Joseph


Karaoke is one of those all-purpose night-out activities, like going to the movies or bowling, and it has plenty of benefits to its name. There’s the inherent social component to karaoke, which is enhanced by the fact that you pretty much have to be drinking in order to participate. But Singtrix is a new gadget that takes care of karaoke’s biggest flaw: Terrible singers.

Singtrix is supposed to make “bad singers sound great and great singers sound amazing,” thanks to a variety of vocal effects, live harmonies based on the singer’s own voice, and automatic pitch-correction. It can also karaoke-ify any song from any audio source by taking the vocals out of the audio mix.

To take a look at Singtrix in action, just watch the promotional video on the product below. And to place an order, head to the Singtrix website here. The only thing left to do is throw out your old karaoke machine, and destroy any pre-Singtrix karaoke videos of yourself that might exist.

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