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Singles Blizzard From Dairy Queen for Valentine’s Day

by Joseph
Singles Blizzard

Singles Blizzard

Valentine’s Day can be a little rough for single people, especially if you’ve ever savored the romantic joy of sharing ice cream with a special person (I’ll insert a brief pause for a wistful sigh here). But there’s really no reason–except for basic human dignity–not to enjoy a solo frozen treat this Valentine’s Day, which is why the Dairy Queen Singles Blizzard was invented.

The Singles Blizzard combines salted caramel truffles and peanut butter with DQ’s vanilla soft serve. But the concoction’s defining trait is more a matter of marketing, since the Dairy Queen wizards have deemed this blend of flavors the “Singles Blizzard,” and have come up with an accompanying ad campaign that’s all about being single on Valentine’s Day.

You can see a little bit more about DQ’s Valentine’s Day festivities and other promotions at Dairy Queen’s official site right here. And if you’re lucky enough to have a significant other this weekend, please remember not to hog all the ice cream.

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