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Simpsons World: Every ‘Simpsons’ Ever, In One App

by Joseph
Simpsons World

Simpsons World

“The resurgence of The Simpsons” might be a weird concept to invoke, since the show has never really left us and is continuing to churn out new episodes on a regular basis. But interest in the show has had something of a surge as of late, between the recent FXX “Every Simpsons Ever” marathon and now Simpsons World, a mobile app that contains every episode of the show ever produced, among other special features.

The special features of the Simpsons World app include charts and graphs (everyone loves charts and graphs!) indicating episode popularity compared to other episodes, a treasure trove of clips from The Simpsons, and even other FX original series like American Horror Story. Episodes can be watched on the app or in a web browser, and new programming will be available the day after the original air date.

The only catch is that you have to be a cable subscriber to use the app, but beyond that the Simpsons World app is free, so if you have a smartphone and want to lose 5-7 years of your life, check it out at the iTunes store here (an Android version is also available).

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