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Official ‘Simpsons’ LEGO Sets Slated For 2014 Release

by Joseph
Official Simpsons LEGO Set

Official Simpsons LEGO Set

The LEGO fictional universe includes characters like Batman, Spider-Man, Indiana Jones, Chewbacca, and many, many more. Now, it has been announced that next year, the aforementioned characters will be joined by Homer Simpson and company.

The official The Simpsons LEGO sets are being kept under wraps for now, but true to the form of the show, it’s already courting a little bit of controversy. It has to do with LEGO’s commitment to kid-friendly products versus The Simpsons‘s somewhat edgy brand of humor. Somehow I think it will all work out fine, though.

There’s not much you can do between now and the time when further information about the LEGO x The Simpsons collaboration is unveiled, except wait patiently. So start waiting patiently, I guess.

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