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‘Simple Pickup’ Uses Sexy Toy in Public to Raise Money for Charity (Video)

by Joseph
Sex Toy Fundraiser

Sex Toy Fundraiser

The three guys in the YouTube troupe “Simple Pickup” were walking around some beach and asking women if they’d use a sex toy in public. But, they were smart enough to do it for a good cause, meaning they don’t come off as creeps (or at least not as much as they would have otherwise).

The good cause is to help facilitate the end of the horrible practice of female circumcision, and the sex toy is the Sybian, which apparently works pretty well.

It whole thing worked like this: The guys approached women on the beach with an offer of $5 to the anti-female-circumcision charity Orchid Project for every second the volunteer stays on the Sybian.

It’s a perfect recipe for both charitable donation and public titillation. I’m guessing you’re probably more interested in the second part, but to donate to Orchid Project yourself, just check out their website here.  And you can watch the video below.  But be careful, it might make you feel a little inadequate compared to a Sybian—and that thing looks expensive.


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