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Simeon Georgiev Imagines Robots by Givenchy (Pics)

by Joseph
Givenchy Robotics
Givenchy RoboticsGivenchy RoboticsGivenchy RoboticsGivenchy RoboticsGivenchy RoboticsGivenchy Robotics

If Simeon Georgiev’s name seems familiar to you, it’s probably because you remember his robotic Nike project from a while back. Now, the artist has returned for another round of futuristic robotic style, this one as a tribute to Givenchy.

The project is called Givenchy “Robotics,” and it imagines what it would look like if the upscale luxury brand decided to get into the robotics game. And similarly to his Nike “Robotics” pieces, both of the Givenchy robots (which come in black and white) are seen in futuristic upgrades of the Givenchy Tyson high-top shoes, and they both sport contrasting star logos a la many of Givenchy’s recent releases.

The Givenchy “Robotics” pieces were designed for Highsnobiety, but you can take a look at them right here, in the gallery at the top of this page. And for more of Simeon Georgiev’s creative work on the artist’s Tumblr page here.

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