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Silver Army Men Capture Childhood in Sterling Silver

by Joseph
Silver Army Men

Silver Army Men

Everybody remembers those little green “army men” toys – even if you didn’t have any as a kid yourself, you undoubtedly saw their CGI counterparts in Toy Story and its sequels. Now, if you’ve got more dollars than sense and you’re hoping to recapture some of that militaristic childhood magic, you can drop $195 (and up) on some Silver Army Men from GOOD ART.

The Silver Army Men are cast from shiny sterling silver, and come in all the classic configurations you remember – The “follow me” guy, the bazooka man, the guy sneaking across the ground, and so on. And if you’re feeling a bit too subversive for traditional army men figures, you can also get “Doughboy” and, for an extra EC Comics flavor, “Skull Face” sets.

Even if you don’t want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on your own Silver Army Men, you can browse the entire collection at its official site and online store right here.

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