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Sideclick: Additional Controls for Streaming Box Remotes

by Joseph


If you have an online streaming box like Roku, Apple TV, or Amazon Fire TV, you know about the potential hassle in keeping track of those little remotes that come with them. A novel solution would be to combine the small remote with a larger one that handles TV controls like power and volume, which is exactly what the people at True Bloom have done with Sideclick.

Sideclick is basically a remote control expansion pack for your streaming box remote. You click it in and integrate it with your TV, and you have all the functions you need in one remote instead of two. And since it’s 2015, you can┬ácustomize the controls in any configuration you choose.

Sideclick still has a lot of funds left to raise on its Kickstarter, but luckily they have more than a month to go. You can check out its Kickstarter page here, where you can score a Sideclick pre-order starting at $30.

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