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Shuffle: Make, Manage Disposable Phone Numbers

by Joseph


You no longer have to be a phreak or a professional criminal to get yourself a disposable phone number. There’s now an app that lets you create your own disposable phone number, for whatever purpose you might find yourself in need of a disposable phone number. It’s called Shuffle, and it offers you a wealth of other features to go along with your custom disposable phone number.

Shuffle also lets you create a text inbox to go along with your disposable number, so you can send and receive texts from it as well as make calls. You can also choose any area code for the number, which also means you can no longer trust any area code you see on your caller ID. Welcome to the future!

Believe it or not, Shuffle is available free for the iPhone at the app’s official site here, with an Android version purportedly in the works as well.

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