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Shu Takada: Check out the World Yo-Yo Champion (Video)

by Joseph
Shu Takada

Shu Takada

Hey, it’s late Friday afternoon, which means it’s time for every working person to go as close to autopilot as they can without creating a catastrophe. That includes me, which is why I’m directing your attention to one Shu Takada, who recently took home the gold Duncan in the 2017 World Yo-Yo Championship.

Shu Takada will probably be getting a brain-call from Charles Xavier pretty soon if he hasn’t already, so you better enjoy his yo-yo routine now before he goes underground as mutant crimefighter, Yo-Yo. Mere words can’t really describe what this guy can do with a few discs tied to some string, so I better just bring you to the video so you can get on with your TGIF zoning out. Here it is:

For more Yo-Yo Championship videos, head to the event’s official YouTube channel right here, where there’s probably enough content to get you through the remaining Friday afternoons of 2017.


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