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Shrine Sneaker Duffel Bag

by Joseph
Shrine Sneaker Duffel

The average person doesn’t generally have to worry about toting sneakers from place to place, since their feet do a pretty good job of that on their own. But the sneakerhead is not the average person, and he or she might need more storage space than that which is provided by their two feet.  For that, there’s the Shrine Sneaker Duffel.

Equipped with “two large dedicated sneaker compartments,” each of which can hold a pair, the Shrine Sneaker Duffel also has a middle storage space for clothes, or maybe another pair of sneakers. Mesh pockets on the side are perfect for chargers and other small necessities, and there’s a watch pocket as well.

You can see plenty of photos of the Shrine Sneaker Duffel in the gallery underneath these words. And to buy, just head over to the Shrine online store here, where the bag is currently priced at $185.

Here are the photos:

Shrine Sneaker DuffelShrine Sneaker DuffelShrine Sneaker DuffelShrine Sneaker DuffelShrine Sneaker Duffel

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