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Showtime Launching Apple-Exclusive Standalone Streaming Service

by Joseph


The latest premium cable channel to follow in the path set by HBO NOW is Showtime. The channel is launching a standalone streaming service later this summer. And like its HBO equivalent, it will also launch as an Apple exclusive.

The service will simply be called Showtime, with no branding to differentiate it from the channel you pay the cable company to watch (the channel also has an HBO GO equivalent for existing cable subscribers called Showtime Anytime). It will give users live access to the channel, and to Showtime’s complete library of movies, original series, documentaries, and more.

The standalone streaming arm of Showtime will be available across the full line of Apple devices, including Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad, and will cost $11 a month to access. It launches on July 12th, with a free 30-day trial being offered to new users of the service. For more information, and to browse the programming that will be available on the service, take a look at the official Showtime site right here.

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