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Shower Beer From Snask and Pangpang Brewery

by Joseph
Shower Beer

Shower Beer

Ah, the shower beer. One of life’s great underrated pleasures, but until now there hasn’t been a beer that was specifically designed to be enjoyed in the shower. Now, however, we have Shower Beer, billed as “a collaboration between Snask and Pangpang Brewery” and brewed by hand in Sweden.

It’s not immediately clear to me what makes Shower Beer ideal for consuming in the shower, and I do in fact wonder if drinking a beer specifically intended to be consumed in the shower might remove some of the fun from the whole enterprise. But I do know that it’s a 10% ABV pale ale that comes in handy six-ounce bottles, kind of like one of those travel shampoos—but with beer in it.

You can get more information on Shower Beer, plus details on how to order some for your own home and/or neighborhood inn with a well-stocked shower, right here.


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