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Shower Beer Holder: A Holder … for Your Shower Beer

by Joseph
Shower Beer Holder

Shower Beer Holder

Ah, the shower beer. A timeless beverage that only seems to grow more flavorful and enjoyable the older one gets. Ideally, you have a loved one in there with you to switch off beer holding duties with, but when that’s impractical or impossible there’s now the Shower Beer Holder. 

The Shower Beer Holder is a silicone quick draw holster that will stick fast to any surface you’re likely to encounter inside your shower. Once there, your shower beers have a dependable home away from their home in your hand while you take care of your other less important shower duties. If Cosmo Kramer had one of these, he and the other three probably wouldn’t have ever had that legal trouble in Massachusetts.

Uh, anyway, you can buy your own Shower Beer Holder – beer not included – at the Cool Material Shop right here, where it’s priced at a little under 15 bucks a pop.


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