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“Show You The Way”: Thundercat Releases Single Off Upcoming Album

by Joseph
Show You The Way

Show You The Way

Thundercat has collaborated with not one but two unlikely musicians straight from your parents’ record collections, further evidence that there are simply no rules in 2017. It’s “Show You The Way,” a single from his upcoming album Drunk, and the musicians in question are, wait for it… Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins! Here’s Cat himself in a recent interview with Red Bull Music Academy on why these oft-slagged songwriters are actually kind of awesome:

“These are guys that I’ve listened to and where I felt that I’ve learned that honesty in the music. Kenny Loggins is one of my favorite songwriters.I think one of the most beautiful moments of it was realizing how amazing Michael McDonald was. He would go through so many ideas and have so much to offer.”

There’s one word that pretty much can’t be avoided when you write about “Show You The Way,” and that’s “smooth.” You can hear the song for yourself courtesy of the Brainfeeder label below.  Go ahead, see if you can stop yourself from calling it smooth:

Drunk comes out on February 24th.

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