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“Shortology’: Movie Pictograms Prints From H-57 (Pics)

by Joseph

Everyone knows that watching a movie isn’t the only way to inform yourself about its plot. You can also scope it out on Wikipedia, although that probably takes most of the fun out of it (if the movie is any good, that is), or you can take a look at its “Shortology” pictogram from the Milan-based studio H-57, a whole slate of which are now available as prints for your wall in multiple sizes.

Basically, the “Shortology” pictograms are an expansion of a 2012 project of the same name from H-57, which involved summing up famous film plots in five seconds or less. These prints do the visual version of that, and they look a hell of a lot better than your typical Hollywood movie poster in the process.

Movies like Pulp FictionAlienAvatar, and more get the H-57 “Shortology” treatment, and you can get prints of your favorites in multiple sizes at the official H-57 online store right here. Or, you can just check out a few of my favorites in the gallery below. Enjoy:


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