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Shortcut-S Photoshop Keyboard

by Joseph

Even if you’re just a novice Photoshop user, you’re probably familiar with the inherent contradiction that exists within the software’s shortcut system: They take so long to memorize and master, that they often barely qualify as shortcuts at all. That was the problem that Sorin Neica, creator of the Shortcut-S, is setting out to solve.

The Shortcut-S keyboard for graphics and video software (such as Photoshop) is designed to put all of Photoshop’s myriad functions at your fingertips, so memorizing multi-key “shortcuts” becomes an unnecessary hardship. And it has a clever color coded design that not only makes it possible for beginners and experts to use it, but that makes it look a lot better than a normal keyboard too.

The Shortcut-S keyboard is currently raising funds on Kickstarter, and as of this writing it’s got a long way to go before hitting its fundraising goal. So check out the Shortcut-S Kickstarter page here for more information. You can also see a few pictures of the Shortcut-S in the gallery up top, so enjoy.

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