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Shortcut: An App That Brings Haircuts to You

by Joseph


You’re a high-powered executive traveling out of town on business and you don’t have time to drive around looking for an open barber shop. Or maybe you’re just a compulsive early adopter who has to try out new apps, the crazier the better. Either way, you’ll probably be interested in Shortcut, an app that connects you with the nearest house-call-making barber or stylist who will come to you, get you cleaned up, and return from whence they came.

The emphasis is on speed and convenience, since going out to get a quality haircut can be a serious time-suck, especially if just one or two things go wrong. Shortcut is also good for those times when you need a haircut right away, like perhaps an impromptu interview for a promotion at work or something.

Right now, the Shortcut iPhone app appears only to be available for New York City area barbers and stylists, and there’s no Android version either. But if you still haven’t been disqualified from using the app, or if you just want more information, you can check out Shortcut’s official website here.

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