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Short: Sort Articles by Reading Time

by Joseph


Spending time on the internet means browsing a lot of different articles, some short, some long, some very long. And there are a lot of reading apps out there to help your organize them, as well as discover new articles relevant to your interests. But before now, the length of those articles didn’t get much of a premium in determining its value to you at any given time – before Short, that is.

Short is an app that connects to preexisting reading apps like Pocket, Instapaper, and more, and sorts the articles in your feed by the estimated time it will take you to read them. That way, if you only have a spare five minutes to catch up on some internet reading, you won’t waste time with any massively long articles that you’ll barely be able to scratch the surface of.

Short is free at the Apple iTunes Store here, so check it out to give it a try. And hopefully your days of staring at Twitter or Facebook because you don’t have time to ready anything really interesting will draw to a close.

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