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‘Shoeshi’ by Yujia Hu Shows How to Make Sneaker Sushi

by Joseph


It’s probably crossed the mind of many a devoted sneakerhead at one time or another: The desire to literally consume one’s footwear of choice. Werner Herzog notwithstanding, it probably isn’t a good idea to try and eat your sneakers, but onigiri artist Yujia Hu has a new book that acts as a guide to the next best thing: Shoeshi.

Shoeshi is just the latest example of Hu’s specialty on Instagram, which is recreating pop culture touchstones in the form of sushi. It’s a recipe book with directions for creating some of his favorite sneakers out of rice and fish. The book can’t give you the coordination necessary to actually create these designs as well as Hu can, but if you have a knack for cutting Nike Swishes out of salmon it can set you on the right path.

Shoeshi has 64 pages of sneaker-sushi tutorials, which I’m guessing comes to around 32 sneaker designs with pictures. Get a copy of the book here, where it’s priced at $30.

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