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Shock Clock: Wake Up Without an Alarm Clock Blast

by Joseph
Shock Clock

Shock Clock

There are few sounds more irritating than that of a blaring alarm clock early in the morning, which raises the legitimate question of why so many people willingly choose to wake up that way almost every day. One reason could be a lack of other viable alternatives, which is exactly the space that the Shock Clock purports to fill.

Don’t worry. The Shock Clock does not actually wake you up with an electric jolt, one of the few ways to wake up in the morning actually less pleasant than a typical alarm clock (at least not immediately). Instead, the gadget, attached to the user’s wrist, delivers a gentle vibration to lull you out of your slumber. But here’s the catch—if that doesn’t wake you up, a loud, irritating beep is soon to follow, followed by, yes, an actual shock. The idea being that you will eventually be conditioned to wake up just from the vibration, no snoozing required.

So far 486 people have backed the Shock Clock at IndieGoGo here, expressing a willingness to subject their own bodies and minds to this kind of reconditioning. Pre-orders start at $90, but that’s nothing once you start feeling those surges of increased productivity.

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