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ShiftWear: Customizable E-Paper Sneakers

by Joseph


If you think sneaker designs are outrageous now, just wait until e-paper becomes applicable, and sneaker designers will no longer be limited to splashes of color and sculpted forms.  Rather, sneakers will be able to change appearances at an instant, and even animations will be possible. That’s the concept behind ShiftWear, a new sneaker brand now in the middle of a crowdfunding campaign.

And it’s not just sneaker designers who will be able to let their imaginations go wild with ShiftWear.  The whole point of the technology is that anyone will be able to customize their own sneakers with a smartphone or tablet synced up to their pair. The shoes are waterproof and operate on a 30-day battery charge, but that likely won’t matter thanks to both wireless charging and the ability to charge by walking.

Of course, ShiftWear still has a ways to go before becoming a reality, but in the meantime you can check out as well as support the project at its IndieGoGo page right here.

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