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Shift: The Drone You Control With Your Thumb (Video)

by Joseph


Drones are fun and all, but sometimes it seems like you need to be some kind of a technological wizard to use one. Shift is a new kind of drone designed to be controlled with just one hand—even more precisely, just your thumb.  And it’s so easy to use that it’s purported to be the first “user-centric drone” in the world.

Shift works by way of a thumb controller and ring sensor on the same hand, which brings the drone control experience to a new level of ease and intuition. And ENGINEERING X DESIGN’s ambitions are no less than to usher in a new era of drone use with Shift.

You can see how Shift works in the short promotional video below. And to pre-order your own, and get a lot more information on how the user-centric drone works, head over to the project’s Kickstarter listing right here.

Here’s the video:

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