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SHFT Mystery Gear Box: New Survival Gear Every Month

by Joseph
SHFT Mystery Gear Box

SHFT Mystery Gear Box

One big trend in ecommerce these days is the subscription mystery box, which users pay a flat monthly fee for and enjoy a monthly bounty of goods within a given sphere—like comic books, for instance. Another big trend right now, for whatever reason, is survival gear, and the SHFT Mystery Gear Box deftly combines these two trends.

The monthly SHFT Mystery Gear Box costs just under twenty bucks a month, and the company guarantees that each one will contain survival gear that surpasses in retail value that monthly rate. And since we all run out of space for our worst-case-scenario hatchets, knives, and first aid supplies, cancellation is easy (unless Armageddon comes first). There are also Pro and Elite price plans for bigger-ticket survivors.

You can get more information on the SHFT Mystery Gear Box at the service’s official site here, where you can also get more information on how the whole thing works.

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