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Sherp ATV: The Unstoppable Force of ATVs

by Joseph
Sherp ATV

Sherp ATV

The phrase “all-terrain vehicle” usually has a tint of polite hyperbole about it – after all, no vehicle could truly be suitable for every single type of terrain or driving condition there is, right? That may be true for most ATVs, but not for the Russia-engineered, Earth-tested Sherp ATV, which among its other capabilities can actually drive over the surface of standing water.

That’s thanks to the Sherp ATV’s five-foot-high paddle tires/pontoons tested for swamps, frozen lakes, mountainous terrain, frozen tundra, and other environments. Its enclosed structure is also different from most ATVs, but it’s actually got quite a bit of visual personality if you look closely.

Looking closely is probably all you’ll do with the Sherp ATV unless you’re looking to spend at least 49 grand on your next ATV, but just in case you are (or if you want more info on what it can do), you can head over to the vehicle’s official site right here.

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