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Sherlock Holmes Vaping Pipe Concept

by Joseph
Sherlock Holmes Vaping Pipe

Sherlock Holmes Vaping Pipe

Sherlock Holmes, the world’s greatest detective, was often known to sit inside his Baker Street flat for hours on end while smoking pipe after pipe of tobacco as his brain tackled a particularly difficult problem. Peterson of Dublin introduced their “Sherlock Holmes” line of pipes back in the 1980s to give modern-day armchair detectives their own chance to feel like Holmes, and now designer Steve Bae has introduced the Sherlock Holmes vaping pipe for 21st century crimefighters and beekeepers.

The Sherlock Holmes vaping pipe combines design elements of Mr. Holmes’ classic pipe with his equally iconic deerstalker cap, with control buttons placed in the bowl so it can be held just like an old-fashioned pipe. As Bae himself puts it:

“Sherlock Holmes is a very logical man full of curiosity, Thanks to the development of technology we live in a world of information. People of 21 century are curious, intellectual, and logical. The project aims the next Holmes generation of consumers who want to express their unique individuality as an intellectual person.”

Unfortunately, intellectual vapers will have to wait a bit before the Sherlock Holmes vaping pipe becomes part of their collections, since it’s only in the concept stage for now. But you can check out the specs right here, and perhaps Peterson of Dublin will add it to their production line in the near future.

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