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Shepard Fairey Facing Jail Time for Unathorized Detroit Street Art (Photos)

by Joseph
Shepard Fairey

Shepard Fairey is just about as mainstream as one gets in the street art world, having been commissioned to paint a giant mural on the side of the Compuware Building in downtown Detroit. But some of Fairey‘s extracurricular activities while he was in the city have gotten him into hot water with the police, who have put a warrant out for his arrest for what they say was nearly $10,000 in damages stemming from various tags and street art pieces done by the artist.

Just because he is well-known does not take away the fact that he is also a vandal,” said Detroit Police Sgt. Rebecca McKay, apparently unaware that this is the best possible thing that could happen to Shepard Fairey’s reputation. According to authorities, the unsanctioned work by Fairey cost $9,105.54 to clean up, and the charges against Fairey could result in up to five years in prison.

This means that Shepard Fairey could be arrested the next time he sets foot in Detroit – or, alternatively, that he could turn himself in for a lighter sentence. You can see some of the work that’s gotten Fairey in trouble in the gallery below, and read Fairey talking openly about what he was going to do in Detroit with the Detroit Free Press right here.

Here’s the gallery:

Shepard FaireyShepard FaireyShepard Fairey

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