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‘Shazam!’ April Fool’s Day Fake Trailer (Video)

by Joseph


Yesterday was April Fool’s Day, and Easter, and Lon Chaney’s birthday, among other things. But it wouldn’t really be April Fool’s Day if I didn’t share at least one promotional tidbit from the most important day for free publicity of the year, and I’ve selected a fake trailer for the upcoming superhero movie Shazam! for the honor.

The April Fool’s Day fake trailer for Shazam! (which is still filming and thus unlikely to be producing any real trailers for a few months at least) was shared by the film’s director David Sandberg, and like all good April Fool’s Day pranks it starts off believably enough. Then, the magic happens:

In case you’re not up on your Shazam! history, that’s footage from the 1974 TV series. Personally, I would have preferred a clip from the fantastic 1941 Captain Marvel adventure serial, which has some really great stunt work and flying effects, if you’re interested. But this was pretty funny, too.

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