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Shaw F1-XLR Harley Nightster Motorcycle

by Joseph

Harley-Davidson Shaw Nightster

The new Shaw F1-XLR Nightster from Harley-Davidson is a new bike from the legendary brand, and it takes inspiration from two disparate worlds: 1920s board racers, and upscale race cars. While the visual appearance of the car is rooted in the history of the famous manufacturer (while still looking at home in 2012), there are some visual cues to the bike’s high-performance guts.

For one, the smoke grey paint job is identical to the one used by the McLaren Formula One team. And there’s also a racing-style rear fender with numbering that gives this the look of a ultra-modern F1 race car. The price is yet to be announced, but if you start saving now, maybe you’ll have a shot at getting one for yourself.

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