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Sharkbanz: Shark-Repelling Bracelets

by Joseph


We all remember the classic scene in 1966’s Batman in which Batman and Robin use a giant can of shark repellent bat-spray to get out of a typically dangerous situation. But fifty years later, adventurers don’t have to use any cumbersome aerosol bottles to stay clear of man-eating sharks.  They just have to wear a Sharkbanz shark repellent bracelet.

Sharkbanz bracelets use magnetic technology developed by a team of shark experts to stimulate sharks’ electro-receptors, and keep them away. For sharks, the experience of being near one of the bracelets is said to be “like a person suddenly shining a very bright light in your eyes in a dark room, and it’s not pleasant.”

The makers of Sharkbanz stress that wearing one is not a 100% guarantee against shark attacks (the only way to attain such a guarantee is never to go into the ocean), but it does significantly reduce the chances of such an already-rare attack by making you much less pleasant company to a shark. You can get more info and order yours in a variety of color options from Amazon right here, where they’re priced at $65 each.

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