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Shark Jaw Bottle Opener From Cool Material

by Joseph
Shark Jaw Bottle Opener

Shark Jaw Bottle Opener

The people at Cool Material are the reigning kings of weird novelty bottle openers, and their latest joint in that arena is perfect for Halloween. It’s called the Shark Jaw Bottle Opener, but as you can see in the photo up above it could be imagined to be shaped like the jaws of almost any killer beast.

The Shark Jaw Bottle Opener is made from solid, golden-finished metal, and is designed to withstand the test of time better than you average bottle opener – both physically and aesthetically. Not recommended: Putting them in your mouth for a cheap sight gag that may result in severe injury.

If you still think the Shark Jaw Bottle Opener is worth its $10 asking price, even if you can’t put it in your mouth and pretend to be a shark, head over to the item’s listing at the Cool Material Shop right here, where it can be ordered and most likely at your house in time for a Halloween party.

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