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Shark Aquarium: Sleep With the Sharks With Airbnb

by Joseph
Shark Aquarium

Shark Aquarium

We recently told you about the Sharkbanz shark repellent bracelet, but what about those readers of our site who want to be as close to sharks as possible? For you, there’s a new giveaway from Airbnb that lets you spend a couple nights in the underwater Shark Aquarium, closer than you ever thought possible to the sea‘s most infamous predators.

The Shark Aquarium is 360 degrees of transparent (and hopefully sturdy) glass, submerged in the shark tank at the Aquarium de Paris, home to 35 of these extremely cool animals. Inside the room, there’s a (physically, if not psychologically) comfortable bed, and the giveaway also includes dinner at the Aquarium de Paris, a private tour by champion freediver Fred Buyle, and free airfare to and from wherever you are and Paris, France.

The whole thing is exclusively a giveaway promotion by Airbnb, so don’t expect to be able to plunk down rent and live among the sharks any time soon. But if you want to enter for a chance to win, you can do so here, provided your calendar is free between April 11th and April 13th.

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