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Shake Shack Cashless Kiosk Opening in NYC

by Joseph
Shake Shack Cashless Kiosk

Shake Shack Cashless Kiosk

No one knows that the future truly holds, but there seems to be a strong possibility that it will hold an awful lot of stripped-down fast food kiosks where you pick up your order. As an omen of that future, we now have reports of a Shake Shack cashless kiosk soon to be open for business in New York City.

It figures that a fast food chain as trendy as Shake Shack would be on the cutting edge of this kind of technology, and it’s extremely possible that other chains will develop their own versions of the Shake Shack cashless kiosk in the near future. You’ll make your orders via touchscreens at the kiosk, and the whole process is cashless and automated – but if your nightmares are populated by cheeseburgers prepared and served by robots, don’t worry:

“The location will still feature actual human staff – and Shake Shack is touting its $15 per hour starting wage for those employees, who will be called ‘Hospitality Champs’ and who will assist people with the ordering process and answer any questions.”

You can read more about the Shake Shack cashless kiosk right here.


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